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Color Balance

I discovered a fantastic blog by a university professor while researching color balance. The painting I am working on right now is way too dark and heated. I will be balancing the colour with some muted tones and amping up the contrast, color and flow. I may even rotate the composition 180 degrees to help with the composition and flow.

I have titled this painting "Direction Change". While creating the composition and texture, I had a change in mind. We all events, small or large, good and bad, that are pivital points in our lives and the direction and pattern changes represent those changes. I want the colors to represent the good as well as the bad. Presently I dealing with a large, bad pivital change so this is really coming out in the expression of this current state of the painting.

Stay tuned.

#colorbalance #composition #paintingprocess #abstractpaintingprocess #abstractart #abstractpainting

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