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Artist Statement for Human Clay Series

In this series “Human Clay”, I use the classic metaphor of clay and pottery to look at the shaping of humanity both individually and collectively. Clay and pottery which is formed, molded, fired, complete and possibly broken can reveal a sense of our world  figuratively. The technique of glazing pottery is echoed in my process where I use several layers of acrylic washes and refinement to gain a glazing effect. I use earth tones to emphasis varying skin tones and earth hues. I use horizontal lines in each painting to represent time lines; of the earth, of our lives and our surroundings.


We as humanity are shaped by known and unknown forces such as DNA, culture, the neighbourhood we grew up in, our family structure, our dreams, boundaries and ancient past.

Each painting title resonates with these forces, thereby triggering thoughts of our own life and the lives of those who came before us. The world and it's people are so complex and ideologies become ingrained in generations.


Clay...formed, molded, glazed, fired, complete, broken...the beauty of a life well lived.

Artist Statement for Reflection Series

My current body of work named “Reflection” looks at the symmetry, atmosphere and perspective of reflections. Observing another viewpoint opens up a whole new world visually and metaphorically. I find reflections so captivating and abstract, which to me, strikes a balance with the tangible and allows us to see deeper. I want to see reflections in water, a store window or a distant mirror in order to see a new perspective. Possibly a reflection of yesterday; a vision of day's past in order to see clearer.


My process starts out with a vibrant background. Applying many layers of acrylic washes places that vibrant background in the distance and with refinement and glazing, I create a foreground to bring that reflection some substance and to not loose the background. I work as an abstract expressionist with an emphasis on colorfield in these pieces. The vertical structure mirrors how we are bodily from head to toe and texture allows the paint to veer off in unpredictable ways to keep the eye moving as in reflections.


For me I see “Reflection” as a possible antidote to the hard, legalistic structure of the world system. Art creates a balance in the world; tempers a legalistic world view and exposes it. This is why I am an unlock new sight.

Artist Bio/CV


This artist paints to touch the soul; to have an individual experience in humanity, emotion and to spark the imagination. Viewing her pieces can slow our chaotic lives down and allow us to feel, see, and experience. What does she want her art to say? We are all connected through life and we all experience life. This inspires her to work and create. She wants people to see our connection.


Jackie is a studio painter with a process that leads to multi-layered abstracts. Abstract Expressionism is her genre of choice but leans toward an aesthetic of minimalism. She wants strong detail, harmonious composition and a serene outcome.


As a Canadian painter who grew up in Windsor, Ontario and now lives in

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, she received influences from the strong automotive industry combined with the beauty of the Algoma landscape where many of the Group of Seven painted. She studied Architectural and Mechanical hand drafting as well as orthographic drawing through Civil Engineering Technology and Machine Technology at St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


This artist has accomplished a solo exhibition at Art Gallery of Algoma in 2016/17 and several group exhibitions, as well as a juried group exhibition in Toronto, Ontario. She has received awards including Best in Show and is collected in Canada and the United States including Chicago, Miami, Houston, Seattle and Baltimore.


Jackie Janisse’s paintings provide you with a multi-sensory experience from the raw emotion depicted through the depth in colour, to the visual and physical depth of texture. Her pieces are unique in visual and tactile harmony, engaging you in a brilliant experience.

Oh, and by the way, you pronounce Jackie Janisse just like Henri Matisse.


Studied Architectural and Mechanical hand drafting as well as orthographic drawing through Civil Engineering Technology and a Diploma in Machine Technology, St. Clair College, Ontario, Canada


SOLO Exhibitions:

2016/17 A SOLO exhibition named Liminality: That Place in Between, opened Oct. 25, 2016 at Art Gallery of Algoma AGA and ended Feb.27, 2017

Group Exhibitions:

2019 Art Gallery of Algoma AGA, Insights; perspectives on environment, time, humanity, and us as                                             individuals

2019 Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, Winter Spring Catalogue Exhibition

2019 Art Gallery of Algoma, Winter Festival of Art

2018 Group exhibition at the Sault Ste. Marie Museum featuring the 70th anniversary of the Algoma Art                                        Society Members past and present.

2018 Group exhibition at Art Gallery of Algoma Winter Festival of Art. Won 3rd place standing with                                           Shadow Road.

2015/16  A group exhibition named "Delicious Art" in which I won Best in Show, Art Gallery of Algoma

2014  A group exhibition named "Celebrate" in which I won 2nd place, Art Gallery of Algoma

2013  A group exhibition named "Growth", Art Gallery of Algoma

2013  A group exhibition named "Joy", Contemporary Art Exhibit at Museum of Northern History

Events and News

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series 2017 Semi-finalist for the painting Escape


In The News:

Sault Star, "Just Do it", Feb. 3, 2017, Local news reporting on my Solo Exhibition at AGA

ShawTV, “Winter Festival of Art: Art Gallery of Algoma, Local community cable news channel

Sault Star, “Janisse Feasts on Art Theme”, Oct. 9, 2015, Online News

CTV Northern Ontario, “Soo Arts Festival”, Feb 2, 2015, Television News clip

Sault Star: Art's a Blast for Sault Teacher, Jan. 29,2015, Online News


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